Dental Extractions in New Port Richey, FL

Dentists try to save teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes, teeth are damaged and cannot be saved. In some cases, teeth cannot be repaired and must be extracted. There are a variety of reasons that people have to have their teeth extracted. This can happen at any stage in life. It’s very common. Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental often performs dental extractions in New Port Richey, FL.

Why Might Someone Need a Tooth Extracted?

There are a number of reasons someone might need a tooth extraction. Some of these include:

  • Crowding. When the teeth grow too close to one another or aren’t aligned properly, an extraction can be necessary. Sometimes, before someone gets braces, they will have a tooth extracted. Wisdom teeth are often extracted due to crowding as well.
  • Dental abscess. When the tooth root and tissue are infected, this is called a dental abscess. When this happens, a root canal may be needed. If the abscess damages the roots, an extraction may be needed.
  • Tooth decay or damage. If a tooth is decayed due to bacteria and acids, a cavity may be created. This can be resolved with a filling, but it may be caught too late in some cases. If your tooth has damage that goes too deep and reaches the pulp, an infection may occur. These are some instances that warrant an extraction.

Our dentist will take a look at your specific situation and determine whether you need dental extractions. There may be another remedy that will work better depending on the problem you’re dealing with.

What is a Tooth Extraction Procedure Like?

When you arrive at the dentist for your extraction, you will be given a local anesthetic. Then, some of the gum and bone tissue will be removed.

In some cases, your tooth may be impacted or hard to remove for another reason. If this happens, the tooth may be removed in smaller pieces instead of as a whole. Sometimes, our dentist will give you dissolvable stitches too.

After the procedure, our dentist at Orange Grove Dental will give you specific information about recovery. In most cases, the healing process goes smoothly. If you experience any unusual symptoms, give Dr. Srividya Vulugundam a call.

If you suspect you need extractions, contact our dentist in New Port Richey, FL. Our dentist offers dental extractions near you.

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