Root Canal Therapy in New Port Richey, FL

When you think of root canal therapy, you might get anxious. Often, people talk about how painful and uncomfortable the procedure is. In reality, root canal therapy is not that bad.

Sometimes, it can help to understand the procedure. This will help you to know what’s going on and what you can expect.

If you have any questions about root canals near you, talk to Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental or a dentist near you.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used when the pulp inside of the tooth is affected by dental decay or a tooth fracture. The pulp chamber is filled with dental pulp, which is made up of blood vessels, connective tissue, and cells.

If you have dental decay or a tooth fracture, the pulp may become inflamed and swell. In some cases, the pulp also gets infected. Due to the pulp being inside your tooth, there isn’t a lot of room for the pulp to swell. This adds to the inflammation, which can increase the pain.

If you experience this, you cannot fix it any other way besides getting root canal therapy. Brushing your teeth or getting a filling will not solve the problem.

What is Done During Root Canal Therapy?

When you go to the dentist for root canal therapy, it’s helpful to know what to expect from the procedure. Be sure to ask questions if you have them, and our dentist will be happy to answer them.

When you arrive for your root canal therapy, our dentist will take an x-ray. Our dentist will then apply a local anesthetic to the area, which will numb part of your mouth. Then, our dentist will place a dental dam in your mouth, which helps to protect the tooth from other bacteria in your mouth.

Our dentist will then use a dental drill to drill into the pulp chamber. Afterward, the pulp is removed so the tooth can be flushed with cleaner. Our dentist fills the canals with gutta-percha, which is a rubber-like material. A crown is finally added to the tooth once the procedure is finished.

If you have questions about root canal therapy or need to set up an appointment, contact Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental. Our dentist in New Port Richey, FL, can perform root canal therapy near you and make you feel at ease during the procedure. Our dentist can give you your options and help you make a decision that will give you great results.

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