Preventative Dentistry in New Port Richey, FL

The idea behind preventative dentistry is to maintain patients’ oral health so that their teeth can last a lifetime. Our dentist in New Port Richey, FL offers several services to help children and adult teeth remain healthy and intact. Here are some treatments that we provide to prevent decay and damage to teeth.

Biannual Exams and Cleanings

Our dentist at Orange Grove Dental recommends booking an appointment every six months for a thorough dental examination and teeth cleaning. When evaluating children’s teeth, our dental staff can carefully look at each tooth, their jaws, and their bite to make sure they are properly developing.

Cleaning their teeth allows our dentist near you to remove plaque and tartar buildup that may exist. An examination looks for tooth damage for adult patients, like fractures, cracks, or gum disease that can cause tooth loss. If it is present, our dentist can develop a treatment plan to save teeth and keep our patients smiling.

Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealants

Two services that children get at the dentist to help preserve and strengthen their teeth are fluoride varnishes and dental sealants. If your child’s teeth show signs of fluoride deficiency, which includes cavities and weak bones, a fluoride varnish can supplement their teeth.

Since small kids often don’t have the coordination to brush their teeth well, preventative dentistry in New Port Richey, FL may include using fluoride varnish to give their teeth added protection against cavities.

Our dentist may also apply a sealant to their teeth around age five or six to keep food debris from getting trapped and decaying. Our dentist will brush a liquid over their teeth that forms a plastic seal as it dries to protect them against cavities.

Custom Mouth Guards

If you or your child plays sports like football, hockey, or soccer, then you can get customized mouth guards to protect teeth. Along with preventing tooth breakage, mouth guards can also protect players against concussions when hit in the head during a game.

If you want to ensure your or your children’s dental health, follow our dentist’s recommendation to visit them every six months at Orange Grove Dental for an evaluation. They will ensure the health of your teeth and recommend preventative dentistry near you so that your teeth will last a lifetime.

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