Night Guards in New Port Richey, FL

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? If so, our dentist might have diagnosed you with bruxism. This is a common condition, but it should be treated to prevent tooth damage. One way to help with bruxism is by wearing a mouth guard at night.

Our dentist near you can help you with night guards. Call Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental today for more information about night guards near you.

Signs of Bruxism

Our dentist will help you to know whether you have bruxism. There are several signs that you may have bruxism.

  • Teeth grinding
  • Fatigue or poor sleep
  • Dull headaches
  • Jaw soreness
  • Facial pain

What Causes Bruxism?

Several different issues can cause bruxism. Dentists believe that stress and anxiety contribute to bruxism. Other factors, such as alcohol, smoking, caffeine, snoring, sleep apnea, and bite abnormalities, may contribute to bruxism as well. You can talk to our dentist about potential causes for bruxism to determine what’s causing your symptoms.

How Can Night Guards Help with Bruxism?

In most cases, our dentist in New Port Richey, FL will treat bruxism with a night guard, a type of mouth guard worn overnight. Night guards may also be called dental guards or bite splints.

Night guards create a barrier between your top and bottom teeth. As you clench or grind your teeth, your teeth will rub against the guard. This can help to cushion your jaw muscles and prevent tension. This can then help to prevent headaches, facial soreness, and jaw pain. When you wear a mouth guard, the enamel of your teeth is protected.

How to Get Night Guards

Our dentist offers night guards near you. Night guards are also available over the counter. It’s a good idea to talk to our dentist about night guards and your options. Depending on the severity of your case, one type may be best for your specific needs.

To learn more about night guards, give Orange Grove Dental a call. Dr. Srividya Vulugundam is here to help.

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