Dental Crowns in New Port Richey, FL

A crown is a cap or cover that can be placed over an existing tooth. Many people get a crown or several crowns at some time in their life. You can rest assured that this is a simple procedure that’s done every day. When the crown is placed, it’s put on a tooth that is weak or not functioning properly. This can be due to damage.

Crowns last anywhere from five to 15 years. This depends on your habits and the wear and tear that the crowns get over time. If you often clench your teeth or bite your fingernails, you may be putting additional wear on your crowns.

If you think you need a crown, find a dentist near you and have a consultation today. A dentist in New Port Richey, FL, can perform this simple procedure. Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental can help you to weigh your options. While a crown might work in some situations, there might be a better option depending on the circumstances.

Why Might Someone Get Crowns?

Based on your specific dental situation, a crown might be a good option. You should talk to Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental to determine if a crown is the best choice.

Some people get crowns if their cavity is too large for a filling. Others get crowns after a root canal. You might also get crowns if you have a cracked or weakened tooth. Crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes, too, to cover a discolored or oddly shaped tooth.

What Are Dental Crowns Made of?

If you’re getting dental crowns, you will have several different material options to choose from. Keep in mind that our dentist might make a suggestion. The goal is to choose a material that makes the crown look natural. The crown may fit better if it’s made from a certain type of material.

Crown materials include:

  • Metal alloys
  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain fused to metal

If you’re looking for crowns near you, contact Dr. Srividya Vulugundam at Orange Grove Dental.

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