Children’s Dentistry in New Port Richey, FL

By brushing and flossing their teeth daily, your children’s teeth can last them a lifetime. Along with the services offered by our children’s dentistry in New Port Richey, FL, our dentist and the parents of our patients act as a team to ensure kids retain healthy, beautiful smiles they can show off. Here are the services we offer for your children’s oral health.

Routine Examinations and X-rays

Our dentist at Orange Grove Dental recommends dental examinations twice a year for children and adults. The exams allow them to track tooth development to find issues in their early stages.

For instance, if your child has a cavity, treating it before it irrevocably damages the tooth or spreads to the gums is vital for having a healthy smile. Taking x-rays lets our dentist examine teeth below the gumline to check their progress or determine if tooth decay is spreading.

Sealing Teeth

At around five or six years old, our dentist in New Port Richey, FL, may recommend applying a dental sealant to your child’s teeth. The sealant will protect their teeth from food and drink residues that can stick between them and decay, producing bacteria that can cause cavities.

The sealant starts as a liquid, and our dentist brushes it over the tops of your child’s teeth to dry and form the sealant. It is a painless procedure that keeps teeth healthy.

Applying Fluoride Varnish

If the water in your area doesn’t contain enough fluoride or you don’t use a fluoride toothpaste in your home, our dentist may notice problems with your child’s teeth. A lack of fluoride allows cavities to develop more frequently.

So, if your child is getting cavities despite a healthy diet and excellent oral hygiene, they may not be getting enough fluoride. Our dentist near you can treat their teeth by brushing a fluoride varnish over them. The varnish penetrates the enamel to provide the mineral that remineralizes it and helps prevent cavities.

If you have concerns about your children’s teeth or you’re looking for a children’s dentistry near you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our dentist at Orange Grove Dental. They can answer the questions you have and examine your child’s teeth to resolve problems with them.

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