5 Tips To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

5 Tips To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

November 26, 2020

Childhood is the best time to start practicing good habits, and when it comes to learning healthy oral habits then childhood is the best time. The food habits, especially children love eating sugary items and drinking soda that damages teeth. It is a challenge for parents to inculcate good oral habits in their children so that they can have strong teeth. Here are we are sharing some easy yet important tips that could help you and your child in developing good oral hygiene.

Visit the dentist twice a year: Visiting the dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning is common among adults and it should be followed for children as well. A visit to the dentist should be considered a normal routine for children as well. Ask children to share their concerns related to oral health. If they are experiencing any kind of discomfort, or if they have any questions they should share it with the dentist.

Eat right:  What you eat directly affects your teeth. This is the reason most of the dentists remind people the effects of consuming sugary foods and soda. Kids love chocolates, candies, carbonated drinks and such habits can cause problems like cavities. Tell your child to eat fresh fruits, drink water, and cut the intake of sugary foods for healthy and strong teeth.

Proper brushing: This is one of the most recommended oral hygiene steps that everybody should follow. Brush your teeth twice daily once in the morning and once before going to bed. It only takes 2 minutes to brush your teeth and still people find it hard to follow the routine. Teach your kid to regularly brush the teeth twice for a healthy and germ-free mouth. Many toothpaste brands have launched a special toothpaste for kids. Get kids toothpaste and toothbrush of their choice and motivate them to brush their teeth regularly without skipping.

Don’t share personal products that can transfer germs: Tell your child not to use other’s cup, glass, pacifiers, or spoons as they might carry bacteria. Also, do not share toothbrushes.

Motivate and reward your kids for practicing healthy oral habits: Once they develop the habit to follow oral hygiene, it will become easier for them to maintain healthy teeth and gums. All they need to keep in mind is to eat right, brush and floss regularly, visit the dentist twice for routine check-ups and you can keep all oral troubles at bay.

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